July 17, 2012

Con Cookies

Ok so I eluded to making some "Con" cookies... and now I will explain. For those that didn't know the San Diego Comic Con aka SDCC aka The Con was last week. It's a weekend plus some days celebration of all things comic-y, pop culture-ish and the like. I happen to have married a man, who works in comics thus engulfing me into the world head first. Half our wedding party were all "in comics" and every year since I've known him he has attended SDCC. I've gone almost every year too, either for a day, the weekend and one year for the whole week (ps not doing that again) but this year I've decided to stay home. I have a 4 year olds birthday party to attend on the weekend and well I just can't miss that... I've been to every party of this munchkins so it's now tradition plus it's his week to get away, have fun and buy me stuff that I dutifully put onto a list.

But back to the baking... Last year I baked some cookies for the crew and they were a big hit so this year I thought I'd bake some more and try my hand at logo cookies.

I baked plain oatmeal raisin, oatmeal cranberry nut and decorated sugar with a royal icing transfer of the Aspen Comic logo.

July 4, 2012

happy 4th!!!!

Yet another holiday and yet another reason to make COOKIES!!! I wanted something slightly simple this year as I am also prepping to make a treat bonanza for the upcoming Comic Con (more on that later).

Thanks to Munchkin Munchies for this quick and easy set of July 4th cookies.

I never would've thought to use Jell-O to color them.