July 8, 2011

Do I need a dress form?

Well I know I don't need one but I certainly do want one?
Do they make sewing patterns easier? Even slightly?
How about repairs?

Does experiments in draping become fun? (That question probably comes from too much 'Project Runway')
I snagged a dress form off of Craigslist once and as most deals go it was ok. It was old... very old but adjustable... though larger than my size but it still was a great deal. I figured experimenting with a cheap version would make spending the big money for a nice new one really worth it. With the adjustable dials not working and the size being too big to really 'make' anything I ended up junking it but now I'm hankering for the real deal...
Is it worth it?
Image courtesy of thesewingoutlet.com

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