January 22, 2012


Christmas 2011 was a busy baking season for me. So much so that I actually had to downsize my baking list because I was mixing, baking or frosting each day for almost a week, which isn't bad, but can become tiresome for the baker and perhaps the baker's hubby who was ousted from the kitchen for far longer than I was planning.

One of the cookies that I was nixed from my list was a recipe for pirouettes that I found in Ladies Home Journal a few months back. The original recipe called for white frosting and shredded coconut to be sprinkled on top but I am no coconut fan so I opted for green frosting (hey Xmas!) and white sprinkles. I even threw in some Xmas sprinkles for good measure.

This recipe almost got the best of me but I wasn't going to give up that easy. I had enough ingredients to make 2 more batches so after the first was so-so I went for a double batch and got it better. The hardest part? Rolling hot cookies into a cylinder before it gets stiff. So I came up with a plan.... I let the cookies get stiff then popped one into the toaster oven to soften and then rolled. Tedious? Yes. But it worked for me and they came out looking very cute and Christmas-y.... for late January.

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